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Changing Lives Through Love ~      Pastor George F. Nicholas

2021 will be a great year for us. The Holy Spirit has directed me to declare 2021 to be a season of building. Over the last few weeks, I taught how we will grow and build:

1. Build up yourself

· By knowing your value

· Through self-examination

· Then don’t let anyone stop your building

2. Build up the church by making it a power center

· Power center for worship

· Power center for instruction

· Power center for fellowship

· Power center for service

· Power center for truth

· Power center for love

3. Build Up the Community

· Deconstructing all barriers of division, classism, racism, sexism, and homophobia

· Promote the Kingdom with, love, peace and prosperity for all

· Caring for one another until none has need

· Personal holiness and social transformation – the beloved community

Pastor George

          ~Lent Begins ~                        Ash Wednesday   

        Service 2-17-2021

Four Part Sermon Series on Faith

2/7, 2/14, 2/21 & 2/28/2021

Sunday 2-21-2021 ~Part 3 of 4

Sermon: Faith in Miracles

Sunday 2-14-2021 ~Part 2 of 4

Sermon: Faithful or Faithless, You make the choice

Sunday 2-7-2021 ~Part 1 of 4

Sermon: What is Faith?

Human Relations Day 1-31-2021

Please watch Pastor George Nicholas             Guest Speaker

 Via Theressa Hoover United Methodist Church in Little Rock Ar

Sunday 1-31-2021

Sermon: Accountable Discipleship

Sunday 1-10-2021

Sermon: Build Up Yourself ~Part 1 of 3

Sunday 1-17-2021

Sermon: Build Up The Church ~Part 2 of 3

Sunday 1-24-2021

Sermon: Build Up Community ~Part 3 of 3

Sunday 1-3-2021

Sermon: A Season To Build

Sunday 12-27-2020

Sermon: Too focused on the baby to hear the man

Christmas Eve 12-24-2020 Service

Sunday 12-20-2020

Sermon: Change is Now

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