Past Sermons 1


    Changing Lives Through Love
       Pastor George Nicholas 


   March 2022~Sermons

LMUMC Youth took the time to state their possible dream in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Lurher King Jr.

03-02-22 Ash Wednesday

03-06-22 Not Good Enough

03-13-22 Grace From The Beginning

03-20-22 A Tree Worth Saving

03-27-22 Just Give Me The Tools

   Jan 2022~Sermons

01-02-22 New Born King; New Priorities

01-09-22 Jesus Saves, Disciples Love

01-16-22 Where Do We Go From Here & When Do We Leave

01-23-22 Yes God Is Real & So Is Trauma

01-30-22 Healing From Trauma

   Feb 2022~Sermons

02-06-2022 Mandatory Reporter

02-13-22 Self Care Is Not Selfish

02-20-22 Work As If You Could But You Can't

02-27-22 You Can Reach It

   Nov 2021~Sermons

   Dec 2021~Sermons

11-07-21 Giving Thanks For You 

11-14-21 Always Thankful

11-21-21 A Reason To Be Thankful

11-28-21 What Are You Waiting For?

12-24-21 Christmas Eve Service

12-19-21 Hope Is Here

12-12-21 Disruptive Blessing

12-05-21 We Are Better Together

   Sept 2021~Sermons

   October 2021~Sermons

09-05-21 A Place You Do Not Belong

09-12-21 What Will Last

09-19-21 Honoring God

09-26-21 If It's True

10-03-21 The Theology Of Planet Fitness

10-10-21 A God Who Sees

10-17-21 A God Who Sees; A God Who Acts

10-24-21 A Call To Leadership

10-31-21 Healing Through Compassion


07-04-21 Willing to Listen

07-11-21 Slogan Theology

07-18-21 Practice Presence

07-25-21 Holding One To Something I Did Not Give You


08-01-21 Spiritual Maturity

08-08-21 Optimism Is A Sign Of Faith

08-15-21 Giving What You Get

08-22-21 I Am Invited

08-29-21 I Still Have Hope

   May 2021~Sermons

05-02-21 Don't Be Afraid Of Power

05-09-21 A Mothers Dedication

05-16-21 Prayer As Resistance

05-23-21 From I to Us, From Me to We

Pentecost Sunday

   June 2021~Sermons

06-07-21 A New Day 1

06-14-21 A New Day 2- A New Perspective

06-23-21 A New Day 3- A New Way

06-27-21 Mindful Faith

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